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  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

    About the programme
  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

LLI-323 Sociability and handicrafts skills for the welfare of the communities in Lithuanian and Latvian border regions (Handicrafts)

Aim of the project is to create more attractive and safer territory for living in Lithuanian and Latvian cross-border regions of Židikai (Lithuania) and Kalni (Latvia). The project helped to develop social and entrepreneurship skills of local people by creating a Handicraft network in Židikai and Kalni communities. It brought together communities of both countries, changed situation in the local labour market, initiated cultural communication thus providing people emotional and social stability. During the project Lithuanian and Latvian language courses were organized to enable basic communication between people across the border. Within created Handicraft network young people learnt to sew, to knit, to cook and to create souvenirs. Crafts fairs, family celebrations, educational children’s summer camps with crafts workshops, folklore festivals, educational and exploratory trips and were held in Židikai (Lithuania) Kalni (Latvia). Various lectures on the entrepreneurship and the strengthening of the psychological climate of families  tooake place as well. The project bought the benefits to about 20 teachers and other school staff, 100 students, and 80 parents, grandparents or other relatives of the children from both communities.

Social media and contacts:
Phone: +370 443 43 227
Address: 14 Dariaus ir Gireno street, Zidikai, Mazeikiai region, Lithuania

No news for this project!

1. Established handicraft network for deprived communities

2.Purchased and installed the equipment. Has been created the Handicraft network consisting of Woodwork Lab and Handicraft Lab which.

3.Teaching and training lessons for languages, handicrafts and social skills

The project participants was learning Latvian and Lithuanian languages during in the partner meetings. The learning was been mostly consist of specific  words and linguistin terms which was been used for training and learnig woodwork and preparing food. Participants received recipes for the dishes to be prepared in different languages.After the activities participants  had reflection, analysis, discusions – feedback.

The participants was maket he dictionary of the most necessary terms for the purose no to usde third foreign language during the meetings. The learning included  listening, dialogue and monologue making in  Lithuanian and Latvian.

Organized lessons. Coffee breaks are provided during lessons. Purchased necessary food products.
Lessons in Lithuania, Zidikai 31.01.2019; 01.03.2019.; 20.03.2019.; 30.04.2019.; 29.05.2019. as planned in the project. Participants from Latvia participated in Lessons in Zidikai.
Lessons in Latvia, Kalni, Nīgrande 14.02.2019, 14.03.2019.; 28.03.2019.; 11.04.2019.; 13.06.2019. Participants from Lithuania participated in Lessons in Kalni, Latvia.

4.Organised educational and exploratory trips to LV and LT

07.02.2020.trips to Lithuania Zidikai- Mazeikai- Kaunas-Kernave -Trakai- Vilnus- Mazeikai- Zidikai, 2 days (we come back in the night next day). In Mazeikiai, only people are taken on the bus. There was  be 5 education sessions during the sightseeing tour through Lithuania: there was be a lecture for students about fine crafts and  promotion of entrepreneurship in Kaunas College,black  pottery or products from pottery- cley ware technology, molding education from candles (it was be in Vilnius Ethnical culture centre in Kernave). People learning how to make different products from skin and also we was learn to felt from wool (slippers and scarfs making from wool) in Kernave. There was an education about the production of natural cosmetics, education soap and cream making  in Trakai traditional crafts centre.

Educational and exploratory trip to Latvia (1 day). Route: Zidikai- Nīgrande- Riga-Ikskile _NĪgrande- Zidikai  During the sightseeing tour to Latvia we was visit Ryga‘s national art museum. We was know about non-traditional and historical art products. There was be a meeting with teachers, who was introduce with the educational activities: production of handicrafts, accessories, clothes design and modeling in Ryga‘s art school. The other education was be in Ikskile We was go to degustation of birch sap, we learn about  the production and technologies of syrups and other products

5.Organised the educational 24h creative camps , including accommodation, food, activities, excursion, ways of spending free time for 50 participants in each side.

Organised the educational 24h creative camps, including accommodation, food, activities, excursion, ways of spending free time for 50 participants in each side:
Camp in Lithuania side 25.06.-28.06.2019.
Camp in Latvia side 20.08.-23.08.2019.
The educational, creative camps was organised both for participants from Latvia and Lithuania. The proportion participants was be 25 from LV, 25 from LT. The educational creative camps was be delivered for the students, involving their parents and other community members into the activities. Zidikai and kalni schools have got hostels for the students so it was provide good accomodation. During the camp time was been lessons for the participants to learn and revise the specific terms which was been used in the activities. LP1 at the camps organised creative Laboratories where the activities like sewing clothes, weaving strips, crocheting of items and clothing details take place. In PP2 the participants was been mainly work on interior and costruction Works from wood, attending the creative Laboratories the people not only was improve working skills, participated in socialization programmes but also was learn about the culture and mytohology of the Balts via music, art, food herritage. During the free time music teachers was teach the young people and other project participants modern LT and LV folklore. The parents and students while learning the crafts together and participating in the creative activities was improve the social emotional climate of their families.

6.Renovated roof of the building 363 square metres in Nigrande.

7.Renovated interior of the buildings 3 rooms, lobby and 1 WC (interior Works) in Nigrande

8.Project coordination and monitoring and reporting.

9.Communication in the project

During the project regular information on the web page, press realise and facebook was planned as the project publicity measures, organised final conference – festival in Zidikai, Organised movable expedition in Zidikai,Mazeikai, Saldus and Nigrande.

Closing conference in Lithuania  organized 13.02.2020. Within the Final  conference there was  be organised crafts festival  and joined concert. It is 1 events consisting of two parts; the 1st- official reporting and 2st- part consisting of the Crafts festival with exhibition of the produced items and joined concert. The event was take place in Zidikai. 1 day closing conference  for 80 participants at the end of project was be a possibility to inform society about results achieved during the project implementation and to share lessons learned. The film shot during the project was shown. In conference presented all material the film and presented as the project product.

Exhibitions of project works The power of creativity is hidden in everyone of us and the need of creativity is one of the most important. Everyone creates something every day and sometimes does not notice it.

The participants of the project learned different types of materials: cotton, linnen, knitwear, artificial felt and wool fibers. They knew how to make simple products: the interior decorative details (napkins, pillowcases, accessories), outfit details (scarfs, shopping bags, backpacks and souvenir bags). The products were made using modern technologies – computerized sewing and embroidery, wool felting machines. We also did not forget traditional handicrafts. There were woven bands with band weaving machines and there were woven napkins with the multifunctional woven machines. There were tried traditional handicrafts techniques and rare technologies: kimekoni techique, the work with soluble in water avolon sheet, the weaving from artificial felt, the weaving of bracelets from beads.

There were created Lithuanian and Latvian students‘ handicrafts: the products from wood, the folders of different dishes recipes. There were created reportage photos, in which were fixed the moments from project activities, trips and camping. The handicrafts were exhibited in Nigrade and Saldus basic shools, Zidikai Marijos Pečkauskaites gymnasium and in public library of Mazeikiai region.

The era of handicrafts continues for thousands of years. The techniques of handicrafts are impoving and appear new techniques. It is related with the art and creativity, because it is created using human imagination and hands.




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