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  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

    About the programme
  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

Main results of the project

24 April 2020

  1. Experience trip. The experience exchange trip was implemented and reported in period 3. Output was delivered from 17th to 21st of September when the project partners from Lithuania municipalities (Ignalina and Kupiskis) and Latvia municipality Ludza and LLU visited former brownfield areas in Poland and Germany. The purpose of the professional experience trip was to get to know the latest technologies and approaches in the revitalization of postindustrial, degraded territories, to clean up existing pollution, and to adapt the existing infrastructure to new functions.
  2. Seminars Two-day thematic workshops and seminars were organized and implemented in each partners’ municipality together with all partners. Output was reported in report for the period 5. Seminars were developed in three thematic blocs – problematic issues of degraded areas; ecological approaches for the revitalization of brownfields; implementation and management of revitalized former brownfields. LP_1 experts prepared presentations for thematic seminars and tasks for creative workshops for each municipality. Thematic seminar “Degraded areas and their impact on the sustainable development of territories” was held on 20 of May in Kupiskis municipality. Thematic seminar “Degraded territories and opportunities for their regeneration” 22 of  May 2019 took place in the Ignalina municipality. Thematic seminar “Solutions for the regeneration of degraded territories” 23 of  May 2019 took place in the Ludza municipality. LP_1 experts, representatives from project partners` institutions, guest lector from the Ministry of Regional Development and Environmental Protection of Latvia participated in seminars,  as well as students from Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania),  Kaunas College of Forestry and Environmental Engineering, Ludza Secondary school No 2, Ludza Gymnasium and other interests were involved and educated in the thematic seminars and creative workshops. On 21 and 24 of May participants were involved in workshops – use of phytoremediation method in project pilot areas (planted plants on ~ 988 m2). Within the activity target groups – local public authorities, higher education and research institutions, enterprises, general public were involved and educated. All materials from the seminars and workshops are available at

It provides availability of the materials also after the project.

  1. Ludza. On 28 August 2018 Ludza Municipality signed an agreement with an Estonian company OU Fixdem Eesti affiliate in Latvia on the demolition of buildings and constructions of the former Ludza flax factory and putting the territory in order. On the 5th of December 2018, 22 buildings and building remains were pulled down, the territory was in self-order. The project budget left unused funds for this purpose.

In March 2019 PP3 launched public procurement ID No. LNP 2019/05/ERAF on the installation of the fence. Contract no. I-042/2019 was signed with “Privacon Baltics, Ltd” on 06.06.2019. The works were finished on 06.08.2019 – the fence was completely installed and taken onto the balance of PP3 as fixed assets. Supervision of fence installation was done by “RS Property, Ltd”, which was chosen as a result of a price survey done by PP3 (contract P-200/2019 was signed on 13.06.2019).

The approval of major changes in Activity I1.1 “Brownfield revitalization works in Ludza district municipality” was received on 17.09.2019. Using the project savings PP3 initiated the demolition of 4 additional buildings and constructions at Krāslavas Street 1, Ludza, LV. PP3 organized public procurement on purchase of demolition works – ID No. LNP 2019/39. Contract no. I-071/2019 was signed with “Norfa, Ltd” on 02.10.2019. The demolition works were finished on 15.11.2019. Four buildings and constructions of total area 1886 sq.m were demolished. The construction waste was recycled and used for strengthening of municipal roads. Asbestos materials were utilized at the landfill. After demolition works statements on building non-existence were received and the buildings were removed from the cadastre system of the State Land Service of the Republic of Latvia and from the Land Register. All output evidences were enclosed to previous reports.

  1. Kupišķis Project investment activitiy included clean-up works in brownfield territory in former Oil products station, Naivių village, Kupiskis district. Kupiskis district municipality was responsible for revitalization work organization.  This territory was wholly abandoned and contaminated. Brownfield territory of former oil products station has been revitalised during project implementation. Total size of territory is 0,0313 ha, therefore total territory that has been rehabilitated within the project is 0,0313 ha.  Municipality after project implementation plans to rent revitalised agriculture land of previous Naiviai oil station territory.

Following an agreement with UAB „Biodegra“ signed on 8 of August, 2018, brownfield remediation works have been implemented.

UAB “MS Umweltprojekt Baltic” was responsible for construction supervision and control testing services during the time of remediation works carring out.

Control testing service revealed that after revitalisation works the area remained contaminated by oil products. The duration of agreement with UAB “Biodegra” expired, procurement procedures were organized for completing the works in former oil station territory.  In accordance with the fact that additional  ecogeological investigation has to be carried out and remediation plan of brownfield has to be approved and following this plan revitalization of the contaminated area has to be completed, procurement procedures for revitalisation works of territories have been implemented. Agreements for revitalisation works of territory have been signed with enterprise UAB “Domus impressa” (agreement Nr. 153 for removing and transporting of ground tanks and bushes and  agreement Nr. 152 for removing and transporting of underground tanks and bushes and recultivating the territory). All output evidences were enclosed to previous reports.


  1. Ignalina. PP_4, on 27.08.2018 signed a work contract for rehabilitation brownfield. By brownfield management plan and contract rehabilitation works had to be completed in 3 months from the date when the contract was signed, but it was not completed. In Period 6 Ignalina municipality received all expenditures for I1.3 activity. Cleaning works were done, the contractor finished all works and repair building wall and install doors in the wall, which was needed to demolish for cleaning works, but it is was not included in the brownfield management plan and contractor provide all certification of completed works. All output evidences were enclosed to previous reports.


  1. Guidelines “Brownfield remediation best practice guidelines ” is developed in Latvian, but have been translated into English and Lithuanian. Latvian version of  “Brownfield remediation best practice guidelines ” was   paper-printed and distributed to participants of the project closing seminar and within different other events taking place at the LP_1 premises. Due to the limits of the size of attachments to be uploaded in EMS, all electronic versions (in Latvian, Lithuanian and English) of the book are available online at LLU website:

It also provides availability of the guidelines book after the project.

  1. 3D virtual tours. In the period 6, LP_1 experts completed work on 3D virtual tours of revitalized project areas. The materials was presented during the project closing seminar in Jelgava in 8th of November, 2019. Elaborated 3D tours are available in Latvian and English. Due to the limits of the size of attachments to be uploaded in EMS, 3D tours are available online at LLU website:

It provides availability of the elaborated  material also after the project.

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