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  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

    About the programme
  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

Project „Power of Generations“ – already the third successfully implemented international project, aimed to improve the social services

08 April 2024

On 21st June 2023 the final project No. LLI-513 “Empowerment of generations for social integration” (Power of Generations) conference crowned the end of the project – for the project partners, this is already the third successfully implemented international project, aimed to improve the social services provided in Pakruojis and Bauska municipalities.

Thanks to the financing of the European Regional Development Fund, have been significantly improved conditions of hard work for social workers working in three social services providers established by the partners: homecare and day care services in Iecava (Iecava County Social service) and Pakruojis district (Pakruojis non-stationary services center and Klovainiai center of young people with mental disabilities), also efficiency of social services provided by these institutions:

  • two specialised vehicles were purchased for transportation for elders, disabled and provide home visiting care and social care services;
  • in order to focus on social work and be able to visit more clients, for social workers were purchased 19 electric bikes, 25 mobile phones, 9 notebooks, portable printer, which are used to conduct clients survey at their place of residence instead of filling out paper documents;
  • quality and variety of social services for elders, disabled, families at social risk and children being raised in those families have been improved purchasing new tools and equipment:

sensory room and interactive floor have been installed in Klovainiai center of young people with mental disabilities;

four large outdoor games, two concrete outdoor game tables for Iecava County Social service were bought;

Pakruojis non-stationary services center improved their material base not only with a set of outdoor leisure facilities, which includes a tent, two tables with benches and as many as 13 different games, but also with purchased five concrete chess, card, tennis tables, installed in public spaces in Pakruojis and available both to the institution’s clients and to all residents of Pakruojis and surroundings, coming to Pakruojis.



New service vehicles, eletric bikes and other equipment for social services provision – higher quality of services and happy social workers

The main idea of the project was to empower people of different generations to help each other on voluntary basis. People caregivers – elders who are still active and capable need feeling of being needed, possibility to realize their potential, also schoolchildren and youth, who need to collect hours of social work or simply have free time and want to spend it meaningfully, but lacking the skills and knowledge to offer their assistance. The project mobilized the following different generations to increase social inclusion:

  • during the project implementation 49 volunteers from Lithuania and Latvia (21 elder, 28 youth) participated in joint trainings and study visits to social services providers and non-governmental organizations having volunteers;


  • volunteers together with social services providers organized social inclusion measures for target group persons: lonely elders, people with disabilities, families at social risk and children being raised in those families:

two summer schools (camps), during which lectures with psychologists, activities for learning stress management, emotional health, healthy lifestyle, etc. learning and physical activities were held;

six social-cultural events took place (Family Day, Grandparents’ Day, joint Lithuanian and Latvian dance, song, and game events).

activities for physical activity, mind training, emotional and mental health improvement were conducted (in Pakruojis: Nordic walking, open air workouts, outdoor table games, dance and painting lessons; in Iecava: intellectual and fitness afternoons “YOUTH against WISDOM”, using purchased intellectual outdoor games and interactive floor).

The true power  and eternal engine of life – goodness, love and compassion. Volunteers and social specialists proved it


It is obvious that even with a group of volunteer helpers, achieving such good results wouldn’t be possible without qualified professionals working in the social field. Therefore, perhaps even more important than investing in infrastructure is investing in human resources – to ensure the effectiveness of social services, project partners organized 4 joint seminars where professionals working in the social field improved their qualifications by sharing knowledge on how to assess and create psychological safety, how to attract volunteers to social work, how to understand intergenerational conflicts and ways to cope with it, how to ensure positive communication both with clients and colleagues. A total of 26 specialists participated in the training, with 14 of them also taking part in a study visit to Poland – they visited social institutions, communities, and non-governmental organizations, where got acquainted with best examples in the social field.

Thanks to the excellent collaboration among social workers, volunteers, and those managing the project, the main goal of the project – to improve the accessibility and effectiveness of home care and day care social services in Pakruojis (Lithuania) and Bauska (Latvia) municipalities for lonely elders, people with disabilities, families at social risk and children being raised in those families – was successfully achieved and the results exceeded expectations: while the project activities were initially intended to involve 580 socially vulnerable individuals, the dedicated team managed to increase this number by almost half! Assessing the achieved results revealed that over 850 socially vulnerable individuals benefited from more effective social inclusion measures and higher quality social services during the project implementation. This is a remarkable example of what can be achieved through belief in your work, sincere effort, and having a strong shoulder to lean on when needed. We have been implementing projects under the Latvia-Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Program since its inception – the first projects officially launched in 2010, so we are now counting a second decade of collaboration with partners from Latvia. And no matter how fun it is to enjoy the obvious, tangible and most visible results (renovated premises, improved public spaces, acquired equipment, tools, etc.), I love most what is the intangibleit is the fellowship, friendship, mutual understanding and respect that is born between the specialists “burning” in the projects. When colleagues from different states and municipalities meet after a long absence, they burst out with joy (and often they wipe away tears of happiness!), when they tirelessly chat and share both work and personal life news, and their faces and eyes light up during those moments, it sends shivers down your spine even when observed from the sidelines. And when you are part of it all? Believe me, that feeling and condition are indescribable in words – you simply have to experience it! So, I wish that the relationships and communication established during the project’s implementation continue – whether there are new projects or not, but to organize at least one meeting every year – it is necessary and obligatory! The light and goodness must continue to shine”, said Lina Mikolaitytė, Deputy Head of Strategic Development and Construction Division of Pakruojis District Municipality Administration (Project manager).

More information about the project ⇒ here.

The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Pakruojis District Municipality Administration and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.

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