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  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

    About the programme
  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

  • Bringing neighbours closer

    Bringing neighbours closer

    Welcome to the Interreg V-A Latvia–Lithuania Programme 2014–2020!

LLI-451 The development of safety services by strengthening communication and cooperation capacity between the local government and police authorities (SCAPE II)

The objective of the project is to improve public safety in Lithuanian – Latvian border region: Klaipeda county in Lithuania and Kurzeme region in Latvia by improving skills of  employees of Palanga and Liepaja municipalities and staff of Klaipeda County Police Headquarters and State Police of Latvia by using modern tools such as  automatic number plate recognition cameras, radio communication system, mobile safety cameras, electric quadracycles, digital ration system, Kevlar gloves , armored vests and night vision binoculars in their daily work to ensure safety of Klaipeda district and Kurzeme region residents. Project goal is to promote communication and cooperation between police and municipalities of Klaipeda county in Lithuania and Kurzeme region in Latvia, and to increase level of security in general.

To gain new knowledge and increase capacity of police officers and many local volunteers from Klaipeda and Kurzeme two joint trainings for police officers and police supporters on how to use and apply mobile video surveillance cameras will be given by local and foreign instructors and lectors. Experience exchange is planned for police officers, supporters, volunteers in a joint demonstration training and meetings/seminars. To strengthen technical capacity of staff members of Klaipėda County Police Headquarters, Administration of Palanga City Municipality, Liepaja Municipal Police and State Police of Latvia modern equipment will be bought: – automatic number plate recognition cameras, mobile safety cameras, electric quadracycles, digital ration system, Kevlar gloves, armored vests and night vision binoculars that will be used to ensure security of police officers in their daily work. Kevlar gloves will protect police officers from any sharp objects while screening suspects and armored vests will be used in police operations to detain violators and protect police officers from various possible injuries and health threats. They are flame/flash retardant and provide protection against cuts. Joint trainings will be organized on how to use purchased equipment and new knowledge on cooperation capacity will be presented during final conference.

Project is planned as a successful continuation of project “SCAPE” (LLI-269) in which environment friendly vehicles, communication, defense and surveillances tools where purchased, practical and useful joint trainings took place in Liepaja and Klaipėda.

Social media and contacts:
Phone: +37070060701
Address: Kauno g. 6, Klaipeda

18 October 2021

Lithuanian and Latvian Police Officers shared good practices in Liepaja

The beautiful, sunny and rather warm October 2021 gave a great chance for SCAPE II (No. LLI-451) project partners and guests to participated in a practical seminar organized by the Latvian State Police Kurzeme Region Department. The 2-day seminar took place in Liepaja on the 7-8th of October. On the first day of the seminar, staff members of all four project partner institutions (Klaipėda County Police Headquarters, Administration of Palanga’s City Municipality, Liepaja Municipal Police, State Police of Latvia Kurzeme Regional Department) presented their experience gained in SCAPE and SCAPE II projects during implementation of joint activities, purchased equipment, reviewed the problems and challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of both the project and day-to-day work.

The guests of the event Ruslans Pečiulis, Head of the Fisheries Control Division of the State Environmental Service of the Republic of Latvia, as well as Major Inga Mežale, the Head of the Border and Immigration Control Service of the Ventspils Board of the Latvian State Border Guard Service, read reports on the positive and negative aspects of their work, contacts and prospects for cooperation. Associate Professor of the Latvian State Police College, Head of the Internal Security Service of “G4S Latvia”, former Chief of the State Police of Latvia Artis Velšs presented the growing trends in the security sector, the latest innovations and technological solutions that could be applied and used in policing.

On the second day of the seminar, the participants got acquainted with the equipment purchased during the project (cars, drones, night vision and thermal cameras, equipment, etc.) and used by Latvian police officers and performed a practical task – divided into teams according to the provided route in Liepaja where they had a possibility to assess the security aspects of public spaces. Liepaja Municipal Police and State Police of Latvia officers described the most common problems at the route stops (various public order violations, property destruction, drug distribution, disregarded traffic rules, etc.), while Latvian and Lithuanian officers and other participants suggested ways to solve the problems, visible gaps, assessed existing and missing infrastructure for public security (video surveillance systems, lighting, etc.). In this way, the project partners exchanged good examples, proven solutions and good work practices.

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12 May 2021

LLI-451 project’s activities are going on

An almost unshakable calm of SCAPE II project activities’ sea. No face-to face meetings, no trainings, even equipment is getting purchased slowly, with no rush. The second online meeting took place just before Christmas, when next to discussion on the project impementation issues, we had an opportunity to wish each other much more intense year of 2021.
Lithuanian partners began purchsing the equipment and Minor changes are emerging because of an opportunity to meditate calmly and count how to achieve the best results for their institutions.

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22 September 2020

SCAPE II No LLI-451 Kick-off phase has begun

We are happy to inform that from the 1st of June the new project SCAPE II No LLI-451 has started it’s activities. The online Kick-off meeting took place on the 10th of September, 2020. The project partners were glad to greet each other again as their cooperation in the SCAPE project No LLI-269 was more than successful – it brought the continuation of partnership and collaboration in SCAPE II No LLI-451.

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The overall objective of the project was to improve public safety by improving skills for national security services and local government employees by using modern technology in their daily work. Project goal was to promote communication and cooperation between police and local governments in Lithuanian-Latvian border, also to increase the security and popularity of the region.

Klaipeda County Police Headquarters have purchased 10 units of special large surveillance cameras used for intelligence purposes remotely from the workplace, GPU (graphics processing units) system with computer vision function (with video capture device) with data storrage system on magnetic tapes (LT08) including Apple computer with Thunderbolt 4 cable, Connection expansion adapter (Hub) required for connecting equipment, Computer case and 20 more units of LTO8 data tapes, 50 body cameras which battery life is minimum 8 hours, memory size for videos – 64 GB, recording time lasts 8 hours, the saved recording is automatically sent to the centralized server without the use of a computer, also, the charging station, and Drone with video camera. The equipment is used by Headquarter’s police officers in their daily work. Administration of Palanga City Municipality has purchased Specialized quadricycle, 8 Individual compact camcoders, the set of 10 Mobile safety cameras, Control panel and PC, Tablet PCs with Cases, a set of Traffic flow tracking system (5 cameras and monitoring system) for the Palanga city municipality. Liepaja Municipal Police during the SCAPE II project lifetime had purchased Digital ration system which ensure better communication between officers, 100 Kevlar gloves, 50 Armored vests for Liepaja Municipal Police to improve Liepaja municipal police service capacity. State Police of Latvia Kurzeme parvalde had purchased 2 Data storage servers which colect information from individual cam corders bourght in SCAPE (LLI 269) project, 20 Night vision binoculars that help police officers to follow public order during the night time, it helps to react in case of offence including the Set of technical accessories for night vision, 4 mobile video cameras with the set of technical accessories, Informative screen 24/7, High performance desktop PC with video processor, Metal stand for screens (adequate to support three screens). The purchased equipment help the officers to solve their daily tasks.

To strengthen knowledge and capacity of police officers and local staff (for each country) there were organised 2 joint training sessions for police officers and supporters on how to use and apply modern technologies was given by local and foreign professional instructors and lecturers. Exchange of the experience among different stakeholders during the joint training and conference was organized. All the joint events were very inspiring, joyful, ensuring cooperation between the partners in the future.

The Kick-off meeting took place online because of COVID19 restrictions as well as other 2 PP meetings. The partnership members had an opportunity to meet and get to know each other, share their experience during the previous SCAPE project. In 2022 May project partners attended the Final meeting in Liepāja during which the SCAPE II project was wrapped-up. Still, a strong long lasting relation has been established between the partners which inspired them to continue the cooperation in up-coming projects.


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